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Concrete chaos and the heaven

Sky near to Vila Prudente's subway in São Paulo, Brazil Original place - http://g.co/maps/ddp98

'Get red? [ready]'

Chevrolet SS parked in the municipal market in Santo Amaro São Paulo, Brazil

Your "SELF" and the others around you

An ordinary guy in the Paulista Avenue, with your cigarette. The picture may represent the importance of the ego, and the importance of others around

The Windows, like shields for us

Windows in an old building in the city center of São Paulo, Brazil

Island of grass

Visceral Island of grass. One little square seen from above

The man who sold the world

View of São Paulo

Photo taken from the terrace of the Martinelli Building in São Paulo. http://www.prediomartinelli.com.br/

Boarding and blue

Boarding area in Bresser subway in a sunday morning

The mirror and one duck

The mirror and one simple duck to break the "ilusion"

Medieval, I'm

Like a old tower in the middle of the city

Natural and artificial structures

Natural and artificial structures. Organic curves and linear Copan Building in São Paulo, Brazil. (http://goo.gl/KkHk4)

Gebogenen und geraden in BW

Pinacoteca of São Paulo


Pinacoteca of São Paulo

The prowl and the spears

One cat in the wall of the Pinacoteca of São Paulo, looking his victim.

Edifício Itália

"Edifício Itália" The second largest building in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. O segundo maior edifício da cidade de São Paulo e do Brasil.

They're coming

Another morning, another sun